Pop in to your favourite Leith bars this winter to enjoy these £5 signature Yule Fest cocktails throughout the festival. We even asked the bars’ mixology teams to share their signature cocktail recipes, so you can recreate a flavour of Yule Fest at home!

lioness of leith cocktail 1.jpg

Apple Strudel

by Lioness of Leith

37.5ml Finlandia Vodka
12.5ml Goldschlager
25ml fresh lime juice
25ml apple juice
15ml vanilla syrup
Pinch of cinnamon

Shake all ingredients in a Boston cocktail shaker, then strain into a Sling glass over ice. Garnish with a caramelised cinnamon apple.

teuchters landing 2.jpg

rusty nail

by Teuchters Landing

Recipe coming soon.

the granary cocktail.jpg

Spiced Orange

by The Granary

Recipe coming soon.


More coming soon!